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Although much fundraising is done through web portals, Many charities still have mass events such as runs, walks, climbs etc. These activities typically have two components – online registration and donations; and offline donations gathered on-site at the event. Receiving these donations and pledge forms after the event; HKA handles the depositing of cash, debiting credit cards and issuing tax receipts as well as ongoing donor stewardship such as direct mail and ongoing fundraising communications.


Two of HKA’s largest initiatives created large sector specific companies creating and managing value for their owners; Fundata Canada Inc. and Insite Real Estate Information Systems. These were initially formed by the sector's respective associations.


The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) proclaimed in 2015 that all real estate brokers must retain copies of successful and unsuccessful purchase offers. HKA Data worked with a large broker to define a document imaging and data management system to help all brokers comply with this mandate. Recent money laundering concerns have led to renewed interest in these data as FINTRAC is now penalizing brokers for their failure to secure and deliver data per the RECO mandate.


While marketing companies may have the vision for new initiatives, more and more of them are turning to big data to assess their efficacy. This often means drawing on data from various activities either peripheral to their input (sales figures) or as a result of their activities (split run marketing campaigns).


The hospitality sector focuses largely on stay data as the measurement of customer loyalty. While these data are captured by their in-house systems; data cleansing and typical loyalty metrics are still needed for marketing initiatives. Hospitality data typically involve not only the end user but their employers as well. As stay data relevance is best measured over the long term, accurate references to employees and employers are even more important. HKA’s data cleansing ensures accurate time based reporting and the basis for year-over-year reporting and rewards.


Prior to the advent of the Internet, many retailers employed loyalty cards to identify their top customers and marketing initiatives. With over 800 stores in shopping centres across Canada; HKA collected sales data and fulfilled membership cards and awards. While retailer specific loyalty applications are now largely integrated into POS systems; analyzing these data for optimum target marketing initiatives is still a dark art for many companies. Monetizing data by identifying trends and opportunities, HKA works with its clients to derive the underlying value in their data.

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