Directory Solutions

Directory Solutions

Robust, scalable directory solutions

The dynamic nature of most growing organizations makes the frequent change and updating of information essential. Making sure that data remains accurate and consistent is critical to every organization.

Managing information is a complex and important task. Many organizations keep identifying information in multiple directories. HKA Data can consolidate a wide variety of information into a single source in a simple, logically organized fashion.

Slice and Dice Information

Our directory solutions also offer multiple different views of your directory data – allowing you to slice and dice information– ensuring you see exactly what you need to see. Another powerful tool is HKA’s search capability. Users can type in a keyword, and the system will search every item the member has access to. The search returns a hyperlink that, when clicked, opens the item in question.

HKA’s web-based directory solutions enable you to easily administer changes and updates. Our directory solutions can seamlessly integrate with your legacy applications.

Turn-Key Solutions

HKA Data built the Membership Directory for the largest private sector union in Canada -- the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW). HKA’s turn-key solution enabled union and executive and management to easily pull up information about union members according to specific search criteria – tenure, position classification, certifications, and more.

HKA also provides a meta tagging system for the collective agreements between the union and general management. The database includes more than 250 measurable values about the CAW’s various contracts.

Both union members and management use the database to:

• Easily track pension information
• Track which union member is assigned to which contract
• Contrast & compare contract details against other union locals