Donor Stewardship

With knowledge of what can be done
and an innovative approach.

This scalable solution meant higher security for our client’s data, and a major reduction in processing cost.

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Payables Analysis

Do you look at those large fees and wonder if they are accurate, are there better deals
but the invoicing is so convoluted you don’t know where to begin?

Call us today to find savings and better manage the services you engage.

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Data Harvesting

More value can be realized once the data are
captured, cleaned and analysed.

The system built by HKA was unique and extremely cost effective; The data captured precipitated a wealth of information.

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Data Processing

Discover the data opportunities that you may be missing.

Depending on your business you may be amassing valuable information that can be sold or otherwise analysed for strategic marketing opportunities.

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Association Data

Working with the Associations, HKA identifies data centric opportunities and factors that make the partnership a win – win situation.

HKA Data has built and sold two companies whose major partners were associations.

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Complex Invoice Assessment

Data can be read and captured by clerks, spreadsheets populated and relevant report generated, but these activities are not scalable and subject to end user error.

HKA Data can parse invoice documents and keep a database of source documents and the data thereon to produce reports, identify errors and enforce contractual deliverables.

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