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About HKA

HKA Data Processing Corporation is a private corporation located in Markham, Ontario. Since 1983 it has provided custom data management services to many sectors.

A ‘one-stop’ supplier, HKA Data has the unique ability to provide full service data solutions, from the collection of raw data at remote points to data cleanup, in-house data entry, transaction processing, funds processing services, fulfillment, and report publishing.

  • 1979Inception - HKA Data Processing

    Started as a Mainframe-based Data Processing Service
  • 1980-81BBM & Neilson – First Major Client

    Radio & TV Ratings Database for TV program schedule
  • 1983-84Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC)

    Databasing daily Mutual Fund pricing - NAVPS Send info
  • 1985Fundata Canada

    In joint collaboration with IFIC & HKA
  • 1986Fundata Canada Inc

    Southam Business Communications Incorporated & HKA Data
  • 1991 – 93Card based store sales loyalty program

    Added some major clients in the retail and hospitality industry
  • 1997Commercial real estate building database

    HKA partners with BOMA to create a database of commercial building data.
  • 2000 and ongoingCollective Agreement Database design and support

    Supporting major Associations
  • 2003 and ongoingNot for Profits - Donation Processing and Receipts

    Working with some of the major NFPs
  • 2009Mutual Fund Facts database

    Various mutual fund companies
Employee Salary Bonus Supervisor
Stephen C. Cox $300 $50 Bob

Kevin Andrien

Currently President and founder of HKA Data Processing Corporation, past President and founder of Fundata Canada Inc. – and founding partner of Insite Real Estate Information Systems, Kevin Andrien has over 40 years’ experience in the field of data management. Kevin has successfully designed, built and managed sophisticated data systems for large organizations in the financial services, advertising, retail, pharmaceutical, hospitality, entertainment, and non-profit sectors. Originally from Montreal, Kevin obtained his formal education from the University of North Carolina. During both high school and university studies, Kevin put his technological skills to work in computer operations and other management positions at the Wachovia Bank and Trust Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. From 1969 until 1971, Kevin held various management positions in programming and operations at Toronto-based SCORE Services Limited, a data processing service bureau. 1971, Kevin and the President of SCORE formed Cybernauts Limited.

As Vice-President Kevin was responsible for the production of radio and television surveys. Following the retirement of Cybernauts' President in 1982, Kevin started HKA Data. Recognized as a leading authority in the field of loyalty marketing and data management within customer relationship management applications, Kevin has been invited on numerous occasions to speak about trends in information technology.

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